About Us

Proudly Made in the USA!

For ten years Detroit Gun Lubes had a vision not to only make another gun oil, but to make "The Very Best".


Our EXTREME product line  is the result of years of testing and compiling information along with head to head tests against all of the major gun oil manufacturers.


Detroit Gun Lubes EXTREME products are designed to Excel at extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Extreme lubricity and far superior film strength​ keeps your slides and all moving parts running flawlessly.

  Our Extreme Products

  • stay wet much longer than traditional gun lubricants

  •  protects against corrosion

  •  is a rust inhibitor

  • ​ reduces friction and wear​

  •  is safe to use on metal, wood, or plastic parts

  •  will NOT burn off like traditional gun oils

  •  will NOT attract dirt or sand

  • ​ is non-toxic, non-hazardous

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